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About HSI
Success Stories

HSI is proud of our continued successes.   For over 33 years, HSI, a private, nonprofit organization, has been a critically important provider of services for our most vulnerable residents of Washington County. With offices located in Cottage Grove, Forest Lake, Oakdale, Oak Park Heights and Stillwater, we annually serve more than 8,600 residents. HSI provides multi-services for the elderly, which includes nutritional services (Meals on Wheels and congregate dining) and door-through-door transportation. In addition, our work assists many adults, adolescents, children and their families who face daily struggles related to emotional disorder, mental illness, chemical dependency, domestic or sexual abuse.


Following are some of our stories that share the personal successes of people who were in need of HSI services.  

Resources for ElderCare

Voice of Edith

Voice of Pearl

Abuse Services
Voice of a Client
Adult Mental Health
The Voice of Anne
Child & Family Services
The Voice of Chris
Chemical Health
The Voice of Mary


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