The Transporter strives to provide cost effective and quality-based transportation services which allow people a basic level of mobility:  enabling them to work, learn and participate within their community while maintaining their own independence.

HSI Transporters can take you to most places in Washington County.  Trips outside the county are also available to specific destinations including some medical facilities in St. Paul.  We also provide coordination with MTC bus lines.

Some places we go include:

  • Circle of Friends Adult Day Center in Oak Park Heights
  • All HSI facilities
  • Local medical facilities
  • Area shopping centers and stores
  • Courage St. Croix in Stillwater
  • Restaurants
  • Washington County Government Center
  • Banks

What you need to know…

  • The Transporter is available Monday through Friday
  • There is a fare for each one-way ride between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. There is an added fare during peak hours.  Inquire about fare rates at time of ride arrangment.
  • HSI Ride Cards are also available. To purchase a card call 651-275-4303
  • ADA rides are provided in state designated areas 365 days a year
  • Limited same day service available
  • Have an alternative time in mind in the event your first request is unavailable


For more information or to request a ride, call 651-275-4300 or (TDD) 651-770-6834
Interested in volunteering in this area?

Call 651-275-4306 or (TDD) 651-770-6834