People involved in abusive relationships often have children who have seen and heard too much . . .

We offer free, short-term services for children who have witnessed family violence and for their custodial parents. Children can talk about their experiences in a safe, supportive environment, and families can heal from the effects of domestic abuse.

The following free, confidential services are available:

  • Assessment. If you are concerned that domestic violence has been affecting your children, a child/family advocate can discuss your concerns, evaluate your child(ren), and provide you with feedback and recommendations.
  • Consultation. Individual and/or family sessions are available and can provide information and support, a safe place for your children to talk about their experiences, and referrals for other services or resources as needed.

If children learn to understand and manage their reactions to trauma, it can ease their distress and reduce the risk of long-term consequences.

To find out if these services might be helpful to your family, contact the Abuse Services Intake Coordinator at