Drug and alcohol abuse is a national public health problem that affects millions of people, regardless of age, cultural background, or profession. In Washington County, HSI is the hub of chemical health evaluations and recovery care management.

We receive numerous calls from people concerned about their own drug or alcohol use, or from people who care about someone who may be struggling with these issues. Typical concerns are:

  • drinks and drives
  • is using alcohol and/or drugs more than usual
  • is secretive or withdrawn about drinking and drug use
  • has trouble with his or her job
  • has problems at home
  • spends more time with friends who drink or use drugs than with family members
  • has stopped seeing certain friends
  • has money problems, borrows money, or runs up charges on credit cards
  • has committed an alcohol or drug-related crime or crimes

If you are concerned about these symptoms in yourself or someone you care about, consult with HSI. All members of our staff are licensed alcohol and drug counselors, and are available to evaluate and help manage chemical use problems through a variety of services, including:

Assessment and Case Management

Assessment and development of care management plans for adults, adolescents, and their families.

Adult Intensive Case Management

Persons who are chronic substance abusers and high risk for relapse will benefit from the support of intensive care management resulting in a more independent lifestyle.

Gambling Assessments

Evaluations of gambling related problems for court-ordered individuals.

Treatment and Aftercare

Referral and placement in a wide variety of treatment programs

Detoxification Services

Offering a referral for safe medical withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs

New Choices for Recovery

Offered to men and women in the Washington County Jail and at HSI’s Stillwater, Forest Lake, and Cottage Grove offices for substance abuse treatment.

Community Options

Long-term treatment program for high-risk adolescents that require intensive case management that allows them to stay at home and in their community.

Education & Consultation

Providing chemical health information to courts, social services, schools, and other service providers

Adult and Adolescent Insight Program

Offering chemical health education and evaluation for people who may be beginning to experience chemical health-related problems

Caring by Sharing

Chemical health self-help support group to older and/or disabled individuals and their families

Pre-Petition Screening

Evaluations for civil commitment done in conjunction with Washington County Social Services

We offer education and counseling as tools to help people who need help to determine whether their alcohol or drug use is out of hand.

If a problem is discovered, our philosophy is that substance abuse is a treatable illness with an excellent rate of recovery, and that all individuals and families have a right to respectful treatment. We also believe that when one person in a family is struggling with their chemical use, the whole family is impacted, and support and information can be critical for the wellness of all.

Last year, we helped nearly 4,000 persons to evaluate and manage their chemical use problems.

To talk through your situation,

call HSI today at 651-430-2720.