MISSION:  Abuse Intervention & Recovery Services (AIRS) works with domestic abuse perpetrators toward the goal of eliminating domestic abuse and other violence and to promote victim and community safety.

The program has been committed to this mission since 1981 and has provided treatment services to both court-referred and voluntary clients who have identified abuse as a problem.



We are committed to understanding each client’s history prior to them starting therapy groups or psycho-education classes.  Assessment supports accountability, safety planning, and determination of the best intervention modality.

  • History of abuse / violence
  • Risk / dangerousness to self / others
  • Screen for mental health and chemical dependency problems
  • Prior history of abuse treatment or education
  • Motivation and readiness for change


Therapy groups meet weekly (16 sessions):

  • Men’s domestic abuse group (day or evening groups)
  • Women’s abuse / aggression group (day or evening groups)
  • Men’s generalized aggression group (primary violence is not domestic)

Psycho-education groups:

  • 10-session men’s domestic abuse class


  • Cessation of abuse
  • Increased safety for victims, children and community
  • Full accountability for all forms of abuse or other violence in the community
  • Acceptance of the rights of the victim
  • Awareness and acceptance of the impact of abuse on victims and child witnesses
  • Challenge sexism, interpersonal exploitation and abuse of power
  • Confront attitudes / beliefs that support abuse including self-justification of abuse and projection of blame
  • Address intergenerational abuse and trauma
  • Build skills in self-control and emotional self-regulation


Treatment in a Community Mental Health Center allows our clients to access a full range of HSI services, including:

  • Victim Intervention and Recovery Program (VIRP) – short term counseling and support groups for children, parents and families affected by family violence
  • Mental health crisis services
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Chemical health services
  • Outpatient mental health services


Fees are payable at the time of service.

Diagnostic assessment and therapy group services may be eligibile for insurance coverage.

Psycho-educational classes are not eligible for insurance coverage.


Abuse Intervention & Recovery Services may be accessed at our Oakdale office.  Some AIRS services may be available at our branch offices including:  Cottage Grove, Forest Lake and Stillwater.

Victim Intervention & Recovery Program:

The Victim Intervention & Recovery Program staffs a 24-hour telephone line with trained volunteers who provide crisis care to individuals affected by sexual assault and abuse. In-person medical and legal advocacy services are also available for those who have experienced sexual violence.

The Child/Family Advocacy Program works with children and families who have experienced domestic abuse, providing assessment, education, support and referral. Our goal is to give children who witness domestic abuse tools to deal with their experience, and to avoid becoming involved in the cycle of violence in the future.