Human Services, Inc. in Washington County, Minnesota (HSI) is a private non-profit human service organization.

Our mission is to help people overcome and prevent life impairments by developing individual potential and promoting meaningful participation in family and community life. In support of this mission, we rely on our core values to:

  • Empower seniors and persons with disabilities to maintain their dignity, well-being, and independence.
  • Support recovery from chemical dependency by helping people whose use of mood-altering chemicals are harmful to themselves and others.
  • Help troubled youth by improving the quality of life and daily functioning for children experiencing emotional disorders while maintaining and strengthening family integrity.
  • Cope with the challenges of mental illness by helping persons with serious mental illness maximize their personal potential and quality of life within the community.
  • Break the cycle of violence by reducing the incidents of domestic and sexual abuse and associated life impairments through prevention, intervention, and treatment.

We believe that the vitality and stability of our communities rests on the strength of the individuals and families within them. When those with life impairments are helped to live more freely, we are all lifted up – and when life impairments unfairly limits life’s fulfillment, we are all diminished.

When we help families and individuals recover from mental illness, chemical dependency, physical and sexual abuse, the world becomes a better place for us all.

When we help seniors to live independently and troubled children to remain at home and in school, we help restore the fabric of family and community life.

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