If there are times when you feel out of control of your anger, when you know that you are frightening or hurting those closest to you, when friends or co-workers let you know you have a serious anger problem . . . help is available.

Since 1982, the Domestic Abuse Treatment Program has offered a comprehensive treatment program for Washington County residents who have been domestically abusive, whether verbally, emotionally, or physically. (Learn more about our philosophy.)

We currently offer the following services, which meet current Minnesota State guidelines for domestic abuse treatment:

  • Individual assessment, both voluntary and court-ordered
  • Men’s 18-session Domestic Abuse Treatment Group. This is the standard treatment for clients with an ongoing pattern of physical or emotional abuse.
  • Women’s Anger/Aggression Treatment Group. A 12-session group for women who have been aggressive either within or outside of their-family.

Related Services:

  • Men’s Generalized Aggression Treatment Group. This is a 6-session group plus individual therapy for men whose aggression does not primarily involve family members.
  • Individual, couple and family treatment where appropriate related to the dynamics of domestic abuse and aggression.
The Domestic Abuse Intake Coordinator at 651-777-5222.