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We are empowering seniors and persons with disabilities to maintain their dignity, well-being, and independence.

At HSI we receive calls for help from many adult children about their parents, or from elderly persons themselves. Usually, the elderly person is trying to remain in his or her own home, but is struggling with managing daily needs. Typical concerns are that the elderly person:

  • is not eating properly
  • seems bored and has lost interest in hobbies
  • seems unusually sad
  • makes mistakes when taking his or her medications
  • can’t take care of his or her bathing needs
  • can’t keep up with his or her housework
  • seems vulnerable due to a medical or mental condition
  • seems fearful much of the time
  • doesn’t get out much or have many friends

If you are concerned because you or an elderly person you know seems to be having trouble with these or other types of problems, ask for help from HSI. Our professional and caring staff is available to look over an elderly person’s living situation, make suggestions about support services that may help that person remain safe and comfortable in their own home. Members of our staff include program coordinators, care managers, licensed social workers, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, home health aides, and dedicated volunteers.

To learn more about how we can help you or an elderly person you know remain independent and fully involved in life, call HSI today at:
Interested in volunteering in this area? Call the Volunteer Coordinator at 651-275-4306