Research and common experience tell us that many children experience difficulties in their daily lives. 1 in every 5 American children and adolescents has a mental health problem, and least 1 in 10 children has a severe emotional disturbance. Still, only 1/3 of all children with mental disorders receive treatment.

At HSI we receive many calls for help from concerned parents. They are worried for a variety of reasons, among them that their child or adolescent:

Voice of Chris…
Looking back five years to when I was in middle school, I can see the event that triggered my depression – the death of my five year-old cousin. It hit my whole family hard. Around that time, I became unhappy with life. I didn’t talk to anyone, thinking that nobody would understand.
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  • Has trouble paying attention.
  • Skips school or frequently doesn’t want to go.
  • Does poorly or has trouble keeping up in school.
  • Is uncooperative or defiant much of the time.
  • Has lots of tantrums or outbursts of anger.
  • Doesn’t seem to have friends.
  • Seems nervous, fearful, or stressed much of the time.
  • Seems unusually sad.
  • Has repeated thoughts about death or suicide.
  • Seems troubled by a major loss or event — divorce, death, etc.
  • Has trouble fitting into family life.
  • Is using or experimenting with drugs or alcohol.
  • Is troubled by body image, starves self or binges/purges.

If your child or other family member is experiencing these or other difficulties that are of concern to you, please contact us and we will make every effort to be of assistance. We offer a variety of services and programs to help troubled children and adolescents.

Child & Family Services provides:

(Programs marked with an asterisk * have eligibility requirements, please contact us for additional information.)

Case Management*
Provides assistance in obtaining, and management of, a variety of services to assist families of children and adolescents with a severe emotional disturbance.

Child and Adolescent Outpatient Program
Works with children, adolescents and families experiencing problems, and collaborates with related groups and agencies.

Family Treatment Program* (FTP)
Provides in-home family treatment services to children and adolescents with a severe emotional disturbance to prevent out of home placement of the child or adolescent, or assist with family reunification if placement has occurred.

Therapeutic Support Services* (TSP)
Collaborates with local school districts to provide mental health services for children who are experiencing difficulties in the school environment. Services are provided both in-school and in-home for children and adolescents with a severe emotional disturbance.

Children’s Psychiatric Services
Offers evaluation, consultation and medication services by specialists in clinical psychiatry.

Therapeutic Learning Services*
Provides a day treatment and educational program for young people with disruptive behavior and emotional disorders at two different Therapeutic Learning Centers (TLC).

Early Childhood Behavioral Assistance (ECBA)
Provides a variety of services to parents and daycare providers dealing with pre-schoolers exhibiting severe disruptive behavior problems.

Psychological Services
Provides psychological assessments to the county court system and other agencies.

Children’s Mental Health Collaborative
Provides an integrated system of services for children with severe emotional disorders and their families.

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