Looking back five years to when I was in middle school, I can see the event that triggered my depression – the death of my fiveyear- old cousin.

It hit my whole family hard. Around that time, I became unhappy with life. I didn’t talk to anyone, thinking that nobody would understand.

This went on for two years, and I held it together – barely. Then, I went to high school, and was overwhelmed by the major changes.

My grades slipped from A’s to C’s. Still, I didn’t talk to my friends, or parents, or anyone. Finally, over winter break of that year, I attempted suicide.

I survived, and was hospitalized. I began taking anti-depressant medications and participating in therapy at HSI. I could talk about what mattered to me, and my therapist would listen and try to help. Over time, I started expressing myself, and stopped cutting myself off from others.

Depression doesn’t just go away. I’ve had to keep at it with several years of therapy and medication. My therapist has been great, and my parents have learned more about depression and what to look for.We have all worked together to help me recover.

Since I reached out for help, I’m happier and I’m able to actually live my life. My relationships with my parents and friends are better because I am able to trust.

My grades are up again, and I am making plans for college next year and really looking forward to it.

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