I’ve had problems with anger and stress which have existed almost all of my life. I’ve had a superior attitude and righteous belief system that has blinded me to my judging and trying to control others. I’ve caused pain using name-calling, swearing, and belittling, all to gain conformity to my twisted value system. In all of this, I alienated the people I love the most.

The assault charge has proven to be an opportunity and a blessing. It had given me the means to see my faults and to understand many things about myself. First and foremost is that my behavior then, and in the past, was very wrong.

HSI opened its doors to me, instilled me with courage, and gave me hope that a better course of action is possible. Through their instruction, the tool of knowledge began to steer me on a better path. I am learning to use self-control, be properly assertive, express my true feelings, become a better listener, have empathy, and demonstrate love.

I’ve asked my wife to forgive me and offer me another opportunity to treat her with respect. Together, we are finding new hope, and growing together in new understanding. I will always be grateful to staff at HSI for their help and guidance toward my healing.

Another client wrote . . .
I have a big hole in my soul, and I have no one to blame but myself. I now have seen the cycle of abuse from all angles — I’ve been abused, I have abused, and I’ve seen the effects of abuse as an outsider looking in (with a friend).

I deeply apologize for my behavior toward you and the kids. What I was doing was wrong and you had every right to hold me accountable for my actions.

(This letter was written by a husband and father to his family while in our Domestic Abuse Program. He asked that it be shared with the community at large.)

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