I had struggled for years with mental illness. I married an abusive alcoholic husband and divorced after 4 years. I was in and out of psychiatric hospitals, misdiagnosed with depression and anxiety, and put on medications that did not work.

At the age of 34, I was raped and suffered with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which only complicated my mental illness and diagnosis. I couldn’t work, eat, or sleep, and I felt hopeless. I tried to commit suicide.

Fortunately, I did not succeed. After 10 unsuccessful psychiatric hospitalizations, I sought the help of HSI, which changed my life. Finally, I was connected with the right programs, which included help and treatment from their therapists, psychiatrists, and case managers.

At one turning point in the process, I started having manic episodes, and self medicated with alcohol and got a DWI. HSI staff were right by my side to help me get through and get stabilized. They worked with legal counsel to help me with the legal issues and the DWI.

They hospitalized me, gave me an accurate diagnosis of Bipolar Disease, and put me on the right combination of medications. And finally, HSI connected me with the Mental Illness/Chemical Dependency Treatment Program. They supported me through the whole time.

My whole outlook and life has changed. I am mentally stable and healthy. I am able to work and I am engaged to be married this fall. HSI helped me get me back on my feet by giving me the support to continue living my life instead of living in my illness.

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