If you were recently assaulted:

  • Supportive, non-judgmental staff will listen, assure you that the assault was not your fault, and help you sort out your own feelings, your family’s reactions, and society’s attitudes. They will help you identify options, and decide what to do next.
  • Call to obtain confidential information about reporting to the police, getting a medical exam, and court proceedings, referrals for therapy, shelters, and medical services
  • If you choose, outreach advocates can accompany you to police interviews, medical facilities, and court proceedings.

If you were a victim of sexual assault some time in the past:

  • Experienced staff will talk with you about what happened and help you identify options available to you.

    If you have a friend or family member you are concerned about:

  • A caring staff person will listen, answer questions, and help you decide how you can best support the victim.
  • Calling for help is a great act of friendship or love.

If you need general information about sexual violence, call 651-458-4116 or click on the Resources button on the sidebar.

Victim Intervention & Recovery Program 24-Hour Crisis Line 651-777-1117.